Essy - Azteca Mare - Family & Kid Friendly

Additional Information

Please, see video of my 10 year old daughter riding her on trail and the arena.

Essy Beautiful Gray Azteca Mare. Her beauty has landed her 6 high-fashion shoots. She was also part of a documentary being risen by and 8 year old boy. She did great! 

She is a very personable and loving horse once she gets to know you. She is a great trail and/or lesson horse!

She has been riden by many people, from hefty men to children. She would NOT buck or rear. She is very sensitive and responsive to the slightest cues. Transitions smoothly through all gates. Rides English, Western, Bareback, Tandem. Sidepasses, disengages her hindquarters, jumps over logs. Not spooky at all. Bicycles, dirt bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, blowers, tarps, water, wind, brush, dogs do not bother her. She lives among other horses, including minis, a well as goats and sheep and does great. Running, screaming children do not bother her. Ties, trailers, bathes well. Stands still when tack is put on her. Not cinchy. She takes the bit in her mouth by herself and keeps her head low, so she can litteraly be bridled using one hand. Would stand to be mounted. Good ground manners- will never kick or bite. Picks up all her feet easily. Smart and fast learner. 

She has been in great health, has never had colic. Sees the Ferrier every 6 weeks for a barefoot trim. She has had regular dental care And has record. She was last seen in August 2018 by Dr. Richard Miller - Equine Dentist. I have her records.

An advanced beginner, or intermediate rider with gentle approach would match best with Essy. 

A loving, caring home is a MUST!

No auction sale commitment is required. 

Also, slide show with a ton of pictures representing her experience.

If interested in her, please call/text 213 925 3169